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Watch Your Paint Colors

I recently bought a house and the colors I inherited were awful. If you are customizing a new home in Lakewood Ranch, be careful what you choose.

Most people would consider yellow to be a light color, but too much actually makes your space dark and appear smaller. I used a very light gray, and white in the kitchen, to open them up and feel more contemporary.

Before: The kitchen with that yellow and heavy drapes covering the lake view

After: Kitchen with new white paint and new floating shelves

Before: My home office space with heavy draperies and valances

After: Home office space with new paint

Also be careful with your window coverings. I decided not to cover up this lake view from my home office space with any kind of blinds or drapery.

My house is not new, but the same kind of considerations could go into your choices for your Lakewood Ranch new home. I'm not a designer, but it might not hurt to have a 2nd opinion.

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