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New Homes Starting Price | Lakewood Ranch | David Barr Realtor

If you're looking for a newer home, what should you expect for a starting price? I'll break it down for you here in this post.

I searched our MLS as follows: House built since 2017, single family home, search performed on 9/27/2020. Here's what I found:

Sarasota: Starting price $285,000 Properties available: 183

Lakewood Ranch (34202,34211): Starting price: $310,000 Properties available: 112

Parrish: Starting price: $232,000 Properties available: 97

Please use this as a guide for what to expect for prices if you are interested in a newer home in the Lakewood Ranch or Sarasota areas. You have a bit more flexibility on price if you can expand your search area to Parrish.

Please visit the MLS search page here on or contact me for more information.

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