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New Home Insider Info | Lakewood Ranch FL |

There are quite a few differences in buying a resale home, or a brand new construction home.

The major home builders are moving away from offering designer options, to a "package builder" approach.

They will offer options for finishes that will satisfy the largest number of home buyers, to simplify the process and save on costs. This way, the builders can buy more material in greater volume, further in advance.

This means, if you want to change lighting fixtures, window coverings, or faucets on your own, you'll have to do that after closing. It may make perfect common sense to have the builder install a mirror or ceiling fan that you pick out, but they will only install what is part of their original package. It may help to think of it this way: a resale homeowner probably won't install your choice of fixtures before you close.

The better informed you are about new construction, the smoother your home buying process will go. Please contact me, your Lakewood Ranch new home specialist, with answers to your new home questions.


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