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Misleading Advertising | Lakewood Ranch Real Estate | David Barr Realtor

Now more than ever you should be careful in your selection of a Realtor. The Covid virus is causing upheaval in the real estate business, and companies like Ideal Agent (and Zillow) want a piece of it.

Ideal Agent says they will sell your home for 2%, and that they have a "network" of the top real estate agents nationwide. False and false.

The small print on Ideal Agent's TV commercial says you'll pay an additional 2-3% to the buyer's agent.

Top local agents don't need to pay Ideal Agent to refer customers to them. The top local agents have their own online tools like social media and websites to gain customers, and help them learn about local neighborhoods and attractions (like and

You get what you pay for in real estate.
You get what you pay for in real estate.

In Sarasota, a new condominium misleadingly advertises using artist renderings of their views. They don't depict two new buildings between them, and Sarasota Bay.

I am here to serve your real estate needs with full transparency in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Venice.

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