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Changes to | David Barr Realtor

The new year will bring some changes to the amount of information I make publicly available on

I'm making these changes because of intellectual property theft.

I have encountered competing agents signing up for home listing updates from me, copying text, and editing my photos for their own use. As Realtors, we're supposed to operate under a Code of Ethics, which should prevent this. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the Code that offers sufficient punishment to help stop these unethicaI activities.

I will be copyrighting everything I post online, so if you're a real estate agent reading this, copyright violations are punishable by law.

I guard my time, which is spent serving clients. If you're already working with, or talking to, another Realtor, I will not be able to help you with specific requests for information or recommendations. A signed representation agreement will be required for those kinds of requests in the future.

Thank you for your consideration. Happy New Year!

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