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Lakewood Ranch Property Tax

Estimate your Lakewood Ranch property tax on your new home.

Manatee County FL property taxes are paid in arrears.

Your Lakewood Ranch property taxes are due at the seller's current tax amount, due in November of the year of your purchase. 

At closing, the tax amount for the current year would be prorated for the amount of time the seller owned the property.  This amount will be credited to you at closing.  You will pay the entire property tax amount when it comes due in November.

Property Tax Timeline

You purchase a property this year

You pay the entire tax bill in November

Your taxable value resets in the new tax year

Calculate Estimated Taxes

Use this formula to estimate your Lakewood Ranch property taxes for the next calendar year.


Your property's sales price



Estimated mill rate

Estimated County assessment


Estimated annual property tax

This formula is provided as a guide only. 

Buyers should verify all tax data with Manatee County.

Your property tax may be substantially higher than the current owner's taxes.  


"Thank you for your patience.  You listened to what we were looking for and we are so pleased to have found the right property."

Joe from Venice

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