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The Latest Real Estate Technology | Lakewood Ranch |

One photography company has over half of the real estate business in Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch, especially when it comes to luxury homes.

This means all their video looks the same. It also means that their videos may not focus on what truly makes your property unique, from a real estate standpoint.

Drone photography in Lakewood Ranch real estate
Drone photography in Lakewood Ranch real estate

I'm a licensed Part 107 drone pilot, flying my own drones for just over 3 years. I've taken thousands of photos and thousands of hours of video footage. My YouTube channel has almost 500 HD video tours of my listings, new home developments, and local attractions. #drone #dronelife #realestate #realtor #sarasota #venicefl #lakewoodranch

I'm surprised at how few Realtors locally are using these tools themselves in their every day businesss. I can save marketing dollars, and use that saving to advertise my listings in other ways. I also can help home buyers see neighborhoods and attractions online.

Real estate is too big of a portion of your personal wealth to leave to an agent who's been doing the same thing for years. There's also too many 3rd parties (like Zillow,, Ideal Agent, and Offerpad) who are trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to change the real estate business. None of them can employ tools like drones or create high quality videos.

It's up to individual Realtors.

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