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The big buzz in the real estate industry is "tech" and how Realtors are using high tech tools to help their clients buy and sell.

I couldn't be happier to see this kind of a shift in how we do business. I've deen using tech for decades in my real estate business. As you're making a decision on which Realto to hire, there's a lot of misconceptions about what "tech" is and how to use it.

Zoom meetings: They're great for meetings involving offices. Zoom is slow and glitchy, and not particularly well suited for showcasing properties. If you need to meet with a Realtor from long distance, the phone works just as well. A lot of Realtors and consumers are mistaking the use of Zoom for being "high tech".

Using high tech to sell your Lakewood Ranch home
Using high tech to sell your Lakewood Ranch home

Facebook Live: I really like this platform and how you can use it to showcase a property AND answer potential buyer's questions at the same time.

Video tours: The use of video has never been more important. I envision using video to walk through your property as a potential home buyer would on a showing, then using Facebook Live to zero in on parts of your home a buyer has questions about. Even better, a video tour never expires, so potential buyers can share them with friends and family to watch more than once. To me this is where we as Realtors have the opportunity to take advantage of high tech to really showcase properties.

Most agents are good at hiring someone with a camera to take video. I take my own footage and can get it edited and uploaded online the same day.

Drone video: I have an advantage as a licensed drone pilot. I can show potential buyers what's near your home, what's bordering it, and how close amenities are within your neighborhood. I have recently used my drone on several occasions to show buyers the sun exposure on their pool and lanai, or the condition of a home's roof.

Hire a true high tech Realtor to market your home online to buyers who may not be able to see it in person, and reduce your exposure to people visiting your home in person.

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