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New Homes Waiting Lists | Lakewood Ranch | David Barr Realtor

I have lived through some difficult periods as a Realtor, like the 2008 mortgage meltdown, and now the historic scarcity of both new and resale homes we are experiencing all across the country.

New construction is the obvious alternative route to purchasing a property in Florida. Unfortunately, many Realtors don't fully understand the new construction side of the real estate business. There are nuances and personalities to each of the over 60 major new home communities I serve. Walking in off the street to a builder's sales office is probably not the best course of action (if you can find one that is open).

I can help narrow down your choices, and also recommend builders who are more prepared to do business in this economic climate of high housing demand.

Skye Ranch new homes in Sarasota FL
Skye Ranch new homes in Sarasota FL

Every builder is different, but you'll find most are releasing home sites in small numbers per month. I can help you get on a waiting list. I'm finding that waiting lists are not as daunting as you may have thought. In the past few weeks, I've helped several buyers move off waiting lists and secure a home and home site by going to a purchase contract with a builder.

Most builders charge a total of 20% of the total purchase price for a deposit, payable once you go to contract. There may be a $5,000-$10,000 initial deposit, when your name is called from the waiting lists, which will be applied to the total $20% deposit.

I'm sorry to say the days of taking a long weekend to fly down, leisurely drive around in a rental car and look at homes, are probably over.


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