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Today I was showing homes in Lakewood Ranch, and it turned into a great example of why you need a Realtor working with you, if you are a new home buyer.

First, some basics. The major home builders are profit based. They purchase the same materials in bulk to save costs, but they are not "cheaply built", as I've heard people say. Building codes have never been more strict. The permitting process, and the county inspections required to get a home from slab to completion, are also more demanding and detailed than they have ever been. I would call new construction homes today to be more efficiently built, not more cheaply built.

Your Lakewood Ranch new homes specialist
Your Lakewood Ranch new homes specialist

The differences between builders that a Realtor working with you should notice are in the details. Each builder has different subcontractors for tile and flooring, roofs, drywall, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.

Today I toured homes that have a "quality reputation", but had some sloppy tile work and some defects in the finished kitchen product, namely counter tops.

While I was noticing these small details, the buyers were looking at the bigger picture items like the floor plan and room sizes.

With so many choices in Lakewood Ranch, having a Realtor working with you is invaluable. Contact me to schedule a tour or with questions.

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