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New Construction Quality | Lakewood Ranch | David Barr Realtor

Searching around the internet like most of you do, I'm sure you see negative posts by anonymous complainers about new constrction homes, built in swamps.

Forget the old-time complaints about new construction homes in Floridal

In my market area, new construction homes are inspected at least 50 times from pouring of the slab foundation until occupancy. On top of that, the builders are offering home warranties, and, you can also have your own home inspection.

New construction home in Waterside Lakewood Ranch
New construction home in Waterside Lakewood Ranch

Part of today's building codes include strapping the roof to the exterior walls. Homes are also much more energy efficient.

Those lakes and ponds in most new home communities? The builder is replacing any wetlands taken for new construction, and replacing that with lakes, which double as stormwater drainage, for environmental regulation.

New construction homes are selling very quickly, despite the naysayers on the internet. Contact me as your new homes specialist when it comes to choosing the best community for your lifestyle and budget.

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