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Real Estate Multiple Offers | Lakewood Ranch FL |

Activity is red hot in Lakewood Ranch. If you are an interested home buyer, be prepared for multiple offers.

I put my experience to work to make sure my clients make the most attractive offer in a multiple offer situation (and not all of that is about price, by the way). Just in case my clients don't get their offer selected, they do have an opportunity to get the home if they have a backup offer in place.

A few years back I would have advised my clients not to bother with a back up offer, because there was enough home for sale inventory to choose from. That's not the case today. It costs you nothing to write an offer.

Even better, I'm seeing a lot more homes come back on the market after a contract falls through. At the very worst, if you have made a back up offer, and you find another home you'd rather purchase, we only have to give written notice to the seller/seller's agent rescinding your offer.

Multiple offers are on the rise in Lakewood Ranch
Multiple offers are on the rise in Lakewood Ranch

The best thing you can do as a home buyer is have copies of your bank or financial statements readily available to show a seller that you have proof of funds for a cash purchase. If you are getting a mortgage, you should have a prequalifcation letter from your lender.

Some lenders are giving buyers full mortgage qualification in advance, which will help buyers compete with cash offers.

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