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Instant Offers? Read the fine print.

It seems you can't watch HGTV or cable news without being bombarded with commericials for different ways to buy and sell your home.  Real estate is a huge part of our economy, and "disruptors" are desperately trying to enter the market.  Zillow has been trying it for years, and is now offering these "instant offers" to buy your home in some markets.

Read instant offers to buy your Lakewood Ranch home fine print
Instant offers are too good to be true

For some home owners, the prospect of having a sign in the yard, dealing with showings, negotiating a price, and making repairs, can be stressful.  Read the fine print of any instant offer, and you'll find you'll be giving up a good chunk of any equity you've earned in your home if you decide to go the "instant offer" route.   If you see a commercial offering to buy your house with an instant offer, and even help you move, it's too good to be true, based on a recent study from MarketWatch.

Food for thought:  Banks who foreclose on homes offer them for sale on the open market, rather than taking offers directly from buyers.  Contact me for more information or with questions about selling your Sarasota or Lakewood Ranch home.

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