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Expect More from Your Realtor

If you're thinking of putting your Lakewood Ranch home on the market, when you're interviewing Realtors, look at their social media.

If they're not using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, you should cross them off your list. Another reason to rule out a Realtor in your search is how they are using social media to market themselves.

Lakewood Ranch real estate marketing
Lakewood Ranch real estate marketing should and can be much better

I'm from up north, and seeing lots of Realtors posting about how much nicer the weather is here in winter. There's better ways to attract potential buyers than alienating them with a weather forecast.

Today's home buyers are doing more and more research online about cities, neighborhoods, home prices, and lifestyles, than ever before. They are able to telecommute more and more, which means they can live anywhere.

A Realtor who can market their own services, and market the area they serve, like I do with, will be a Realtor you'll want to list your Lakewood Ranch home for sale.

Contact me when you're ready to get started.

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