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Changes Coming for New Homes | Lakewood Ranch FL | David Barr Realtor

As I was touring new homes with buyers over the weekend, I learned there may be a change of how the builders are quoting prices to you.

Until recently, builders would price a new construction home following the formula below:

How builders price Florida new homes
How builders price Florida new homes

Because of fluctuating prices of lumber and other building materials like drywall, builders may add another factor to the above formula: a "new construction" fee.

This fee would possibly be used to account for price increases of materials as builders ramp up production of quick move-in new homes.

Please note, I said "may" or "possibly" for this fee. Builders want to sell product, especially now due to historic buyer demand. As your new home specialist, I will stay on top of this subject and let you know which builders will be adopting this kind of pricing, if it occurs.

Remember, new homes cost the same as the builder's advertised prices when you're working with your own Realtor.


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