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Buying a Home During Corona Virus

Like everything involving real estate, we as Realtors have to be mindful of client impressions and interpretations. Same goes with the corona virus.

This became clear to me during a recent remote sales meeting. Realtors, home owners, and buyers are reacting in different ways to doing business during this time.

My reactions and interpretations are that I will use common sense when working with clients. This means:

  • Riding in separate cars to tour homes;

  • Wiping surfaces after showings are complete;

  • Respecting home owner wishes about having buyers in their property;

  • You will be responsible for your own well-being, by bringing sanitizer, wearing gloves, or wearing a mask. I will not be wearing a mask.

I think Voltaire got it quite right.

Bottom line: You should do what you need to feel comfortable. If you think death from this virus is around every corner, we're probably not ideally suited to work together, and you probably shouldn't be out touring homes.

PS: There is no evidence that paying a service to "sanitize" your home is effective prevention against the corona virus. If you have a home to sell, allow visits by appointment and limit open houses to agent-accompanied showings to eliminate the lookie-loos. As your Realtor, I would be providing detailed videos of the interior of your home, or live streaming on Facebook during open house hours.

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